A Walk In The Woods

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Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” is a book that epitomizes the struggles that one needs to go through in order to better themselves. This is evident with the main characters. They are two middle aged men named Bryson, a man who resideds in New Hampshire and Katz, Bryson’s overweight alcoholic college friend from Iowa. When he thought of someone to accompany him, a grumpy college friend named Katz came to mind. As they started off, Bryson started off with the goal that the trail was only being hiked as a way to see the grand nation of America, but it lead to so much more as it uncovered many important topics. This is true because the trail was filled with adventure in discovering America’s heartland and realizing their own personal problems. Through this, the men conquered many areas of their life that they were not strong in before including fitness, cooperation with others and finally, specifically, Katz addressing his personal issues. Therefore, even though they didn’t complete the entire trail, which was the original goal, they achieved something else that is more important, conquering their personal flaws, thus making this trip a complete, utter success.

On the trip the ambitious men took on this huge task, they realized it was going to be a challenge, but did not fully realize that it was a near impossible task for the human body. For example, as the men packed for the strenuous journey, Katz decided to buy many unhealthy treats for the journey. Specifically, this occurred when Katz and Bryson first went to the market before heading out on the hike. Katz picked up snickers, cookies and chips, all of which are not food that people should be eating while their enduring an intense physical task. Furthermore, while they were at the beginning of the trail, they ate noodles which aren’t healthy for hikers who need a lot of energy. However, as time started to go by, the men started eating healthier food and as a result, had more energy to hike more of the trail. Specifically, they went from doing around eight miles a day to approximately sixteen miles a day on average. As a result of this hard work, the once overweight and lazy Katz began to get very inspired about hiking and exercise in general and ended up reinventing his lifestyle after this. Therefore, the men had conquered another key in their success, by being healthy adults with endurance.

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