A Voice That Whispers Echoes Throughout The Nothing

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A voice that whispers echoes throughout the nothing…
“Elia… Elia…Elia. This world is….” The voice fades.
“This life is… Your fault.” No drag...
A single word … “D-A- JON-E”.... Dajonee?
That was the end of the nothing, then the beginning of her forever.

Again the Words.
“Elia… Elia… Wake up...” from the distant and comforting voice.
“Your Fault…” again, “because of you...”

Sarah awakes… on her rent-a-couch. Alone in her studio she sits up and mentally collects herself.
“The same dream…” she mumbles.
She grabs the pipe in front of her on the coffee table and proceeds to medicate her Dysthymia. Her dosage? Two bowls a day, one being cereal. In her sudden change of mood to euphoria, she get up to have her second bowl. In the kitchen, she grabs a bowl, a spoon, and a half opened, quarter remaining box of Colon’l Chomp. Mid-chomp Sarah looks at the Clock on the wall, 4:05, had she really been in bed long or was it just her “meds”, she used the word lightly. At the drop of a spoon, she got ready for what was left of her day, for she had class in 3 hours at the local art community every Thursday.
At the counter not a foot away, she stands to takes her meds. The Cycle continued .SNAP! TWO SHAKES! DROP! SNAP! TWO SHAKES! DROP... There is a pause… SNAP! THREE SHAKES! DROP! The three open bottles finally snap shut and fall inelegantly to the floor.
In Sarah’s Palm, lay four pellets: A circle for the pain, two cylinders for her despondency, and an oval for their amusement.
“30 minutes…” that how long it would take.
Like the average Joanne on the go, she would get dressed, brush her teeth, and leave the washing up for later. Today a blue blouse! No! Today was a red and rolled up plaid over shirt and a white V-neck to let the season...

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...nded her mom with Mr. Black doing some final changes for mom’s suit. It wasn’t a normal suit. This one was bigger and heaver, like the ones the men who drink with Dante wear at the watering hole. At the sight of the armor, Kristen forgot why she ran inside. They paid Mr. Black and left.
“Onward!” Kristen said as they headed toward a dismal swamp.
On the walk toward her grandmothers, Kristen could not help herself, but ogle at the new suit her mother bought. It covered her entirety even her hair flowed down the back of her helm. She was beautiful!
Suddenly, the clouds clustered and let out a roar of anger and released a great pour. In that, moment a brilliant thought came to mind! Kristen jerked her mother down the muddying path and hurried into a nearby cave so mothers no armor wouldn 't get wet.
They would wait until the morning when the sky cleared to continue on…
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