A Vivid Writing In The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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A Vivid Writing

How can your feelings affect you while writing? Is it good to express yourself in your writings? Many authors use their writings as a way to free themselves or escape from the real world. An example of this is Charlotte Perkins Gilman who wrote a short story named The Yellow Wallpaper (1892). In this short story, the author used her own experience with her depression after giving birth to share how she feels. Gilman shows in her writing how the perception of the society influences in a women illness, in which the best solution was isolated her.
The social context in the nineteenth-century represented women just as housekeepers which made Gilman’s recuperation more frustrated. In The Yellow Wallpaper, when the narrator is diagnosed
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After she was diagnosed with depression and has to stop her daily routine, the narrator represents her as the women trapped behind the wallpaper. In the article Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” A Surrealistic Portrayal of a Woman’s Arrested Development says that after her depression in 1890, she “transferred her own life experience into a poignant account of a woman’s decline into madness” (Hall 4). Gilman wanted to share her vivid experience with other women. In The Yellow Wallpaper says “the woman behind it is as plain as can be”(Gilman). This particular abstract of the story shows that the narrator reflects the woman as “plain” which mean as simple as she could…show more content…
Her depression influenced a lot in her way of think and writing. She used her experience as the basis of the short story in which she was trying to show the society the inhumanity and injustice to woman. It is important to restate that in the 1890 women were more seem as a housekeeper. It is why Gilman considered they were trying to isolate her from the real world. Nowadays, The depression has affected many people around the world but the cure is not to keep people away from others. Instead, it is recommended to share with
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