A View That Could Change the World

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A View That Could Change the World

The overall purpose of education is to broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the material studied and also their perspectives and views. Education should never end, but should be an ongoing process in which it is built upon by adding new information and new ideas to previous knowledge and past experiences. Another essential part of learning deals with the students’ social development. It is vital for students to learn how to interact with their peers and adults and also how to behave in a way that is acceptable and suiting to the “norm.” This combined with learning the material given creates a formula for success in today’s society.

The reason education is so important is because education brings success in today’s society. The more education, the more success, the better the job. You have to have some basic knowledge of what should have been learned early in your education to get any kind of job. Another reason education is important is for your own reasoning. You can take what you have learned to come to conclusions about your own personal beliefs and you can use what you have learned to defend your beliefs. In a sense, knowledge is power. A good aspect of education is it is something that can be achieved and can not be taken away by anyone.

As a future teacher, I plan to give my students a well-rounded education. I plan to use different teaching techniques to relay information in a way that will be suiting to each students learning style. One of my goals is to have a developmentally appropriate curriculum where my students can learn on their level. I do not think anyone should be left behind; teachers should make every effort to help...

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...tential it is important for them to be placed in an optimal evnironment. Since the child’s environment plays such a role in their learning experience I agree with Maturationists in the importance of considering how the environment will affect each student’s learning.

After receiving my degree in early childhood special education I plan to teach in the public school system until I retire. Possibly after a few years of teaching I will go back to school myself to receive a masters degree.

From observing in the public school system I have seen a glimpse of what it will be like when I have my own classroom. Although I know that teaching can be a lot of work it also comes with many blessings and rewards. When I weigh the pros and cons of teaching I find that the good far outweighs the bad and I look forward to teaching the children of America.
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