A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

In this essay I will be discussing a play written by Arthur Miller in

1955 "A View from the Bridge". The play is set in the American 1940's,

just after the Second World War. Located in Red Hook (Brooklyn), a

very poor area, described by Alfieri as, "the slum that faces the bay

on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge". It tells the story of two

illegal Sicilian immigrants (Marco and Rodolfo) who managed to migrate

into America, in a time where they restricted any immigration from

entering their golden gates. In search for the American dream, the

immigrants thought that they could earn a decent living and provide

for their family back home. However, deprived from their humanity by

poor labour given by the American government, they were underpaid; on

the other hand it was beneficial to the Americans, boosting their

wealth and economic power. The conditions that they had to endure were

appalling. Living in the cheapest, worst housing in the city and they

were usually confined with many other immigrants in the same house.

Most of Miller's work on the play was experienced by himself. He had

worked as a longshoreman which gave him the opportunity to be friend

with some of the immigrants that worked with him. He deals with

political and moral issues and weaves in ideas from Greek tragedy,

which features individuals who become entangled in a terrible fate.

To begin with, Alfieri conceivably is one of the most important

characters in this play. Alfieri is the symbolic bridge between

American law and tribal laws. Alfieri, an Italian-American, is true to

his ethnic identity. He is a well-educated man who...

... middle of paper ...

...vanishes as he absorbs his look'. After this scene, the audience is

left shocked, alarmed and they might think that Marco and Eddie will

'continue' this later on the play. It creates a sense of foreboding.

After reading this play, it left me wanting to know what will happen

in the future for the rest of the characters. 'A View from the Bridge'

has truly dealt with issues such as incest, manliness and justice in a

very clear and open-hearted manner. The part where the play mostly

captured my attention was when Eddie finally realizes that letting

Catherine go, so that she could be free was the best thing he could

had ever done. But it was too late, he should've done it a long time

ago, which consequently lost his niece in the end to Rodolfo.

Nevertheless 'blessing her' was the last thing his life should have

given her.
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