A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

In this essay I am going to be discussing the quote 'the guy ain't


I am also going to be continuously referring to the play. I will also

consider why Eddie is who he is in the play. I will also say what

Eddies stereotype of men are. In addition try to find out why most of

the Italian community went to America and how they found life in

America. I will begin the play briefly reminiscing about the play.

Although Eddie is not Catherine's father, he is a very strong father

figure to her and the man of the house. The immigrant community is

very much a patient society. The father and male is an authority

figure. Eddie is very protective of Catherine in both positive and

negative ways. Eddie really loves and cares for Catherine, and will do

anything to protect and look after her, but his love for her is

obsessive and possessive. "You can't take no job. Why didn't you ask

me before you take a job?" Eddie does not want to let Catherine have a

job. As Catherine's father figure, Eddie feels he should choose her

husband, as that was done in Italy, but Eddie cannot let go of

Catherine. Beatrice suggests that he would not approve of any young

man for her. Eddie rules the house and expects that what he says goes;

his wife and daughter figure should be obedient which the Italian

system was

Marco and Rodolfo arrive; they are in America because they are so poor

and desperately need work. Marco is doing it for his family, his wife

and children; Rodolfo however wants to make a new and better life for

himself in America. It is because of their illegal status, fear of

being caught, and their pov...

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... things it is more of a women's job.

'He sings on ships didja know that?' Eddie says this to Beatrice when

Rodolfo and Catherine have gone out. Eddie couldn't believe that

Rodolfo sings on ships. He then goes to say that how his workmates are

calling him (Rodolfo)'paper doll' and 'canary' these are nicknames you

give to singers mostly girls.

Eddie has a different view on how boys should act. He feels that men

should be more masculine.

In conclusion I feel that it is Eddie's fault that he died. If he had

not been so jealous of Catherine and if he had learnt to appreciate

his wife then he would have still been alive. If Eddie hadn't been

more judgemental of Rodolfo then Eddie and Beatrice would still be

together and in love. I feel Eddie should have revealed his true

feelings for Catherine by telling Beatrice.
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