A View From the Bridge - Arthur Miller

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A View from the bridge by Arthur Miller

Examine the ideas of manliness, hostility and aggression in 'a view

from the bridge'. How are these ideas connected?

In this essay I will examine the ideas of manliness, hostility and

aggression are connected to each other in 'a view from the bridge'.

The play is set in a slum near the Brooklyn Bridge. In the story the

main character is Eddie carbone and we see many sides to this

character throughout the play. Eddie carbone is a middle aged man

going through a mid life crisis. Many things are causing this mid life

crisis, but the main thing and the most obvious one is the

relationship between Catherine and Radolpho. Catherine is the niece of

his wife, Beatrice. Catherine's parents died when Catherine was very

young and ever since then Beatrice and Eddie have raised her like

their own daughter. Eddie has grown to love as his own daughter but

due to this he has also developed a possessiveness that he does not

quite understand. Eddies mid-life crisis starts to be noticed when the

cousins of Beatrice illegally immigrate into the country by boat and

stay with them temporarily. From the moment they first arrive in the

play we immediately notice that something is bound to happen from the

way Eddie talks to them. This is where the drama officially begins.

Eddie has a certain type of belief that you have to be a particular

way or do particular things in order to be a real man, he believes

that certain types of characteristics and qualities are needed to be

manly. He has lived by these qualities and characteristics and

believes they are right. This is possibly due to the way he was

raised. The views that Eddie thinks are need for masculinity are that

you should go ou...

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...cond language and struggles sometimes,

" ...the machine, the machine is necessary. "

His sentences are lively and witty and entertaining. Marco seems to be

able to speak English better than his brother. His sentences are

usually serious and quite intense,

" Too loud. The guests in that hotel are all Englishmen. They don't

like too loud. "

This book is all about manliness, hostility and aggression. Manliness

is the main thing because backs in the time that this play was set in

men were the most dominant gender by far. They were in charge of

everything; they were the ones that had a say in everything. Manliness

led to hostility because the role of dominance can be threatened, as

it was in Eddie's case, which leads to aggression. Eddie tried to

eliminate the threat be trying to kill him but it backfired on him and

in the end he was the one who died.
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