A Very Promising Discipline: Economics at MSU

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The audience of this essay are incoming freshman students who confused about choosing their majors. This project will make them understand whether they suit it (this major) or not. And the purpose of this essay is introduce economics And I divide whole essay to 10 parts plus conclusion. The first section is background information. Then I want to talking about what is Economics and how it works for our society. Hence, the language in Econ and the Econ in MSU also are big part to describe. The next section is the way of thinking that the economics can bring to you. Then is the chaos of economics. After that, I want to talking about Promising Future of Economics and the jobs about economics major students. And the last section is my conclusion.

Background Information

I have a dream when I was a child. I want to be a president. I want to be an artist. I always imagine who can I be in the future, a pop star or a hero. But with the time goes by, I learn more and understand myself more. And my dream starts to transform. However, there is one thing I did not change. The love for the economics.

I read many books about economics in my spare time. I enjoy exploring the behaviors of individuals. So, basicly I choose economics as my major because I want to exploration truth in my life. And the purpose of this essay is tell the freshman whether they can study economics as they planed.

What is Economics

Economics is a system for the coordinating the productive activities for many people (Economics). First, I need to mention the economics is in social science college, it does not in the business college. It is totally different to finance. And every year, a lot of students did not know different and make wrong choose to...

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...ear, there are huge number students enroll economics classes. So, we need many faculties to teach them. Therefore, the international company need people with economics background, which help them to judge the best invest time and place. In addition, government also be a big boss for economics students. I do not know what the minimum wage is, but it is very stable jobs around world.

Fig. 1: 10 Most popular jobs for economics majors


Economics is a good major to study social. it is not hard like psychology or sociology. But it is more important than that. The economics make our society more effective and reduce the wastage of the society. It make sure our social runs well. Anyway, the economics is best choice for student to take class at MSU.

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