A Vampires Story

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I was once known as Rhiane Rhi Smalls, born into a world of riches known for being the daughter of the Countess of Desmond who was my mother Katherine Smalls. It was a life I would miss, being shunned by some and obsessed by many. But like any horrid nightmare for any lady shockingly, I would have to face the rudely unexpectedly dangers within that society. For a woman having such beauty but yet a burden to her own defense. I questioned any woman who has ever known how suffering it is to bear the experience of being treated with the utmost of insolence conduct; indeed I have felt your anger. To be left in your pities and woes knowing the mortification of others who have heard your testimonial cries. I know my story would only break hearts, but the rage to even more think what kind of dreadful monsters that live among those as humans is truly unbelievable. I wouldn’t want to deter you away with my vexations, but to understand what was stolen from me to only save my existence of living, has ever since then left me to nevermore savor the finer things in life. A princess at heart Rhiane was born in 1899, into a world of lavish luxuries. An only child she was lovingly spoiled by her mother Countess Katherine Smalls of Desmond. She stood about 5’2 in her rich chocolate skin, with hazel eyes, and long lavishing dark hair with curvaceous hips and thighs to compliment precisely a few of her many attributes that allured you to her beauty. Like few her blood line of wealth was bestowed upon her family through Parliament. Known for her support in the charities and the people in her area, Rhiane was a determined lady with such stamina and intelligence; by the age of 19 she held the second highest rank for nobility. Rhiane relentlessly dedicat... ... middle of paper ... ...rprisingly shocked to her delight she came across a familiar face she hadn’t seen in ages. Stepping towards her friendly ally her eyes began to sparkle once more, both approaching in laughter thought of all the possibilities in the world they would end up rejoining under circumstances like these. In much gladness to reuniting once again, they saluted one another and reacted as if the flashbacks of their prior history were only fantasies they both encountered enjoyably. Taking her by the hands he welcomed her with open arms into his accommodating residence. Elated to recollect what they have both experienced through their travels, the two old friends ventured off into the city catching up for loss times. Once Shanessa felt her quest had came to a final end she smiled with passion that she was able to find a haven in the Empire known as, “Azmaranthe Realm of Darkness”.
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