A Universe with no Preexistence

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For as long as long as history has been recorded there has been interest in how the universe came to be. The science community seems to agree that the big bang was what created the universe, but there are many conflicting arguments surrounding what existed before the big bang and what initiated it. While there are nearly infinite responses to this question, there are only two paths one can take when answering it; either something existed prior to the big bang or the entire universe came from nothing. Lawrence M. Krauss, acclaimed physicist and cosmologist, uses his understanding of science in his book, A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing, to elucidate that it is logical for something to come from nothing. Krauss recognizes that much of the world attributes the creation to God and quotes Steven Weinberg in saying that “science does not make it impossible to believe in God, but rather makes it possible to believe in God” (183). Using the big bang theory, the discovery of both dark matter and energy, and the idea that many features of the universe do come from nothing Krauss makes a convincing argument that the universe did indeed come about with no preexistence. In support of his thesis that the universe spawned from nothing, Krauss points towards the big bang theory. The original theory was that everything was static, but Edwin Hubble proved this invalid, that the universe was actually expanding. Using advances in telescopic technology and previous knowledge of the light from stars, he correctly made this assertion. Using the very same scrutiny, Hubble determined that our Milky Way galaxy was not the only one in the universe. Krauss uses this theory to demonstrate that an expanding universe mean... ... middle of paper ... .... The number of theories surrounding how the universe materialized is nearly endless, but Krauss’ thesis is one of the most convincing and buttressed that has been proposed. Lawrence Krauss is one of the most well respected theoretical physicists and cosmologists in America and has done extensive research on how and why the universe is in existence. Like the title of his book, A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing, his entire theory surrounds the fact the universe was created from nothing. In support of his argument, he explores the weight and shape of the universe, dark matter and energy, quantum mechanics, visual particles, and expansion rates. While the world may never know exactly how the universe was created, society is getting closer to figuring it out and Krauss may have been the one to figure it out.

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