A Unique Woman During My Time

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I was a unique woman during my time; I wasn’t like the others in my populace. My appearance physically was outward. I stood 6’3 and at the time the average height for a man was 5’7 while a woman would stand 5’3. My height I could not hide, and most definitely I couldn’t hide my immortality. On my good days I feel like I’m 25, everything is going well people are nice, the sun is bright I didn’t get angry and break a door. On my bad days I feel 30, nothing is going my way, someone got me angry and I probably did break a door that day, and chances are I cried that day. My immortality was a good thing at 40. “Oh my you look so youthful, you haven’t aged a day, don’t be coy what’s your secret?” People at my village would say. After 50, those compliments turned into gossip and rumor. By the time I was over 60 “I heard she bathes in blood, she must be a witch, “they’d say. Most people would be shock to find out that I’m really 75. It wasn’t so much of the rumors and gossip that bothered me; it was more of that mere question. Why am I not aging? Why do I posses these gifts? 2...
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