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Life has it’s ups and downs and just well going straight, but no turns. Probably asking yourself: “why are there no turns?” “what can these turns do?” “is there something important to these turns?”. Well there is a turn actually...called a turning point. A turning point is a event which makes you go the way you did’nt expect. Mostly in stories and real life the person has to think and adapt to the turning point in order to survive. They may not get this at first, but slowly they’ll adapt to the turning point and succeed. The books Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Warriors Don’t Cry by Metila Pattillo Beals, and Middle School Loneliness are examples of showing main characters struggling with the turning point. They might struggle most of the time,…show more content…
Middle school Loneliness is a book which follows the boy and his ordinary school life. The boy never had any problems until his dad got a job, so his family had to move to the city where his father’s job was. And new city means you guessed it new school.”aside from the school being so large. I was the only hispanic student. I asked for help, but their looks said I wasn't welcome. The first week was terrible because i was completely isolated. No one spoke to me, and no one sat at me at lunch” (pg.69) there for he was lonely, which he did not like. Then he received a notice about Basketball tryouts, at last he was free at home...as so he thought. He actually hated the first practice as he was treated unfairly and did not stand out. Then there was another problem, but it was not him...it was his captains. “One day i overheard Jeremy and Nathan struggling with a math assignment in math class. I heard them say if they didn't pass Friday’s test they were kicked off the team. I thought seriously about this problem. We couldn't afford to lose great players, sure they treated me badly but they were in trouble (pg.70) and as he was the president of the math club, he wanted to help the captain and his teammate (Jeremy and Nathan) he succeeded and they pass friday’s test. This is also another example of adapting to the turning…show more content…
Now in her time out of the nine the kids were separated and had to go to a African American school instead of just a plain American school. Nine out the whole group can go to a American school, and boy the americans were not happy. “Some of the white people looked horrified, while others raised their fist at us. Others shout ugly words. We pulled up to the front of the school. Groups of soldiers on guard lined at intervals several feet apart. A group of twenty or more. Was running breakneck speed up and down the street in front of Central high school, their rifles and bayonets were pointed straight ahead. Sarge said they were doing crowd control-keeping the mod away from us.”(Beals, 36) Beals and the other eight students are daring to defy the law so much. Later in the 1950’s the Segregation ended; they had won the

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