A Trip to London

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A Trip to London The HMS Belfast was built by Messrs Harland and Wolff of Belfast in 1936. This great battle cruiser was commissioned into the Royal Navy after being launched on St. Patrick’s Day 1938. She was designed for the protection of trade routs and offensive action. Immediately after being commissioned into the Royal Army she was called into service patrolling the northern waters in efforts to impose a maritime blockade on Germany. Catastrophe arrived after only two month at sea when the HMS Belfast hit a magnetic mine which severely damaged the hull. It took nearly three years to fix. Upon rejoining the fleet in 1942 the HMS Belfast was the largest and most powerful ship in the Royal Navy. She exhibited her power when she played a major role in the Battle of North Cape where a Scharnhorst, a German battle cruiser was sank. This mighty cruiser remained in action and played a essential role in supporting the troops to the D-Day landings. Reportedly the HMS Belfast even fired the first shots at D-Day. She stayed in the Royal Navy all through World War II and again played a large role in the Korean War in the early 1950’s. In year finally came to retire this great ship in the year of 1963 after 25 years of service in the Royal Navy. She is now on display at the Imperial War Museum in London. In the month preceding World War II the British army built an underground bunker which housed all of there important war information. These war rooms did not become operational until August 27, 1939, also they were not bomb proof until December of 1940. This came after the intense bombing of London by the German army. The underground bunker is amazing in size, accounting for nearly 30,000 square feet. These war rooms were closed on Aug... ... middle of paper ... ...don is impressive clock tower called Elizabeth Tower, commonly known as Big Ben. In 1834 a massive fire destroyed the Palace of Westminster and in 1844 when they decided to rebuild it, they decided it should include a tower and clock. On May 31 of 1859, 15 years after the fire Big Ben first rang out over the streets of London. The Bell itself weighs nearly 13 tons and the dials for the clock are a massive 7 meters in diameter. For this trip I will fly our of Boise Idaho on the 15 of June 2014 and arrive in London England the following day, the roundtrip airfare will cost $1,912. I will be staying in the luxurious Courtside Hotel from the 16th to the 21st of June. The cost per night is $349 and for the five nights it will cost $1,745. The final night of my stay in London I will stay in the more historic Langham Hotel of London, this will cost $674 for one night.
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