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“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”, said Marcus Garvey once. Being raised as the only child made me develop a lot of creativity and urge me to question my parents about my ancestors. With this in mind, the idea of getting to know my grandmother’s history and their original land, was increasing after attending under my father suggestions to a social circle, where all the members descended from the same autonomous community, Castile and Leon. My grandmother grew up in a small town located in this community named Zamora and she emigrated to Cuba at the age of nineteen years old. She passed away in her seventies before I could meet her. The opportunity of traveling to her …show more content…

First, arriving with a group of ten young people in Madrid, we all united by the purpose of knowing our predecessor’s land were transported by bus to Zamora. Staying in one of the hotels, were received by Juan Andres Blanco, director of one of the universities of the city, who invited us to dinner at a local restaurant. Furthermore, the Iberic cuisine has been one of the best that I have ever tried in my life; the sausages, the ham croquettes, the fried calamari, and the paella are just a few tasters of the traditional food that we relished over there. Equally important, the mentioned Cathedral of Zamora is representative of the Romanesque architecture. The impressive high ceilings conveyed us to those middle ages, the rounded arches and the absence of light inside the church, express the dominant power of the religious institution over the government, the economy, the people, and talks about the undeniable inspiration in the roman art, by the usage of plenty of decorative elements such as vases, animals and human figures. Although walking through the ancient and narrow streets gave us a sense of belonging, the necessity of getting in touch with nature prepared us for our next expedition to the Lake of …show more content…

The size of the town is not remarkable, however the affection of the people made us believe we had reached the moon, so the sensation of being homesick disappeared while staying there. Living in a family house for a few days, two of my friends and I could stare at the views of a grown vineyard. Additionally, the owner of the land explained the procedures followed to manufacture the wine that he used to keep during months and even years in the basement of the house. Moreover, admiring the consecutive distribution of the houses put me to think of the reasons that made my grandma moved to Cuba, remembering what my father has always told me about the inclement weather and the extreme poverty that she and her family

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  • Explains that being raised as a child made them develop creativity and urge them to question their parents about their ancestors.
  • Explains that the cathedral of zamora is representative of the romanesque architecture, with its high ceilings, rounded arches, and lack of light.
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