A Transitive Experience Of The English Transitional Experience

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English Transitional Experience It was a very hot summer month on august Morgan a six year old girl was catching fireflies with other children in a baseball field parking lot in Alma, Arkansas. As a Little League game was winding down on the evening of June 9, 1995. She was allegedly playing with a few children on a baseball field and then disappeared without a trace. She has not been seen and after more than twenty years it is said that they won’t be able to find her. As all the leads have been false accusations. Traveling with a stranger that would be taking me back to my parents at the age of five from another country during the hot summer month of august in 1995. This me realize now that this person my family trusted so much could actually be trustworthy. One month later after Morgan, the kidnapped…show more content…
Everyone seemed so calm taking everything easy and with a slow pace, there were ladies every few kilometers selling coffee with fresh milk and the common corn cakes. We were mostly based in New York and other states. But the part were my dad was from which was Pereira. This part of Colombia was less civilized. It felt so lonely. It’s amazing that no matter the age once you know the city life and you go to an isolated place it’s very hard getting used too. My grandmother’s house was a wooden two floor medium house two windows not very attractive or welcoming. From what I recall it seemed mostly like a forest. There were no roads just paths leading from one house to another. Inside the house it seemed as if no effort was made to make it welcoming. The house seemed like it was built a long time ago and was not really made to last. The floor was cold as it was made out of cement. In the morning’s it was cold and so I would wake up congested. There was no air conditioning or heating
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