A Time for Healing

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The bedroom door opened and she raised herself in the bed, wincing as the movement sent fresh waves of pain shooting through her battered body. When she looked up, two men she had never seen before, came through the door and Carol fought back the urge to scream. They were so...menacing. The one in front with the buzzcut blonde hair was the broader of the two and was slightly shorter. The one behind him with the shaggy sandy hair and goat-tee was a bit on the leaner side, with slim hips and extremely broad shoulders. He hung back slightly behind the man with the buzzcut, nibbling on his fingernail. Just as Carol was going to speak, buzzcut interrupted. "Hey there, little bird. How ya feelin'?" He asked her in a southern raspy drawl. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she recognized his voice. This must be the one who rescued her...Merle. "I'm okay I guess." She said with a small shrug as she glanced down at her lap and began to nervously pick at the edge of the sheet. The floorboard creaked as the one with the shaggy hair stepped forward, and as she looked up their eyes me...

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