A Thousand and One Nights

A frame tale is a smaller tale inside of a larger story. In the Prologue of The Thousand and One Nights, The King named Shahrayar witnessed his very unfaithful wife by making love with another man. Because of this eventful tragedy, Shahrayar decides to have his wife killed because of her unfaithful acts. The man that killed his wife, named Vizer, once the dead was done by killing his wife, Vizer had a new job which was to find a new women to sleep with each night. Every morning the woman is killed after she sleeps with the king by Vizer. He did this so he would not have to deal it the pain of having an unfaithful woman in his presents and feel that pain ever again. One day Vizer’s daughter, named Shahrazad, came to her father and told him that she was sick of all the death and it was time for him to settle down and marry her. Vizer decides to give his daughter to Shahrayar to marry him. This is when the frame tale begins, each night Vizer is forced to tell a story to her husband, the king, if she wants to stay alive. One of the stories that were told it called “The Porter an...

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