A Terrifying Divorce

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Half of the County Police Department was in front of our car, the other half behind as we drove down Hwy. 92. My mother, my brother, and I were being escorted out of town by direct orders of the County Police Department. Our destination was unknown, but wherever we were going, we had 15 hours to get there.

The day started out with a bang...literally. I woke up to the sound of two-by-fours and sheet rock crumbling under the wrath of two angry fists. This sound was accompanied by my mother's muffled words, which I couldn't understand. I went down stairs to see my dad walk out the door, two holes in his bedroom's wall, and my mother, who was standing in the corner with crossed arms and a tear stained face.

She looked at me strait in the eyes and said, "I told him. Go wake your brother up."

These words meant the divorce would actually begin. To this point, the divorce had been a maybe, but now there was no turning back. There was no way any one would ever change my mother's mind once she'd truly made it up. We were no longer a family.

My brother, Brady, had known none of this, and would remain clueles until it was absolutely necessary to tell him. I went to wake him up. We had to go to school.

On this day, like every other day, my brother and I were dropped off at the High School to catch the bus to the middle school. Dad was already there waiting for me.

My father drug me into the weight room and preceded to tell me what an awful human being I was. The lecture went on until my bus arrived, and when I left, I was aware of my inferiority, and the fact that I was the cause of the divorce.

The bus was my savior, and to this day I love nothing more than to ride in a car. I was safe on the bus. I knew none, and none kn...

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...s my punishment, but for what?

When the sheriff finally came back , he sat in the chair in front of me. He looked worried, but not scared. He told me what my dad had done that day.

My dad was pulled into the High School Counselor's Office because he had threatened to harm my brother and I. When he was questioned by the counselor and the police, he acted funny. He gave them reason to belive he was homicidal and suicidal. The counselor suggested that our family leave town. We were in danger of my father if we stayed.

My mom and Brady came and got me, and that was when we were escorted out of town by the police. After all was said and done, there we were. We were pulling off of Hwy.70 into the parking lot of the Super 8. We could park behind it, and there was a Pizza Hut within walking distance. The day was almost over. Our destination was only two hours away.
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