A Tension between Two Ethnic Groups

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A Tension between Two Ethnic Groups

Some battles go completely unknown, the Battle of Fallen Timbers is most likely one of those battles; to keep it from being one, explore your history horizons. Between August of 1794 and August of 1795, the Battle of Fallen Timbers occurred, and the Treaty of Greenville was signed (“Battle of Fallen Timbers”, History.com). The Battle of Fallen Timbers included the United States, Miami, Shawnee, and Delaware: Lennai Lenape, Indians (“Battle of Fallen Timbers”, History.com). When the Treaty of Greenville was signed the Indians ceded much of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan to the U.S. (“Battle of Fallen Timbers”, History.com). There have been quite a few battles between the United States and the Native Americans; the Battle of Fallen Timbers is one of the many. These three people, Major-General Anthony Wayne, Hon. D. W. H. Howard, and Chief Little Turtle, experienced it first hand; their perspectives provide multiple ways to interpret the battle.

Major-General Anthony Wayne was chosen to be commander of the U.S. Army, NW, by former President George Washington in 1792. He was also chosen to protect the settling U.S. Americans from Native American attacks (“Battle of Fallen Timbers”, Ohio History Central); furthermore, leading the U.S troops in the Battle of Fallen Timbers. In a letter from Anthony Wayne describing the battle he says, the battle started at 8 a.m. on the 20th; the Indians were hidden in tall grass in the woods when they started shooting at the Americans (Stillé 332). It was most likely a struggle for Wayne to fight in the battle while being shot at and not be able to clearly see where the shots were coming from. Wayne had to quickly direct the troops in what to do t...

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