A Teacher's Aide

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A teacher’s aide is also referred to as an assistant or paraprofessional. A teacher’s aide helps assist teacher’s in the classroom. They are found mainly in elementary schools, and special education centers. Teacher’s aides will provide the teacher with help in activities such as attendance, grading, preparing the necessary materials for the classroom, and supervising field trips. This job can be very tedious, but also rewarding if you love working with children. A teacher’s aide is very significant since they are responsible to a positive learning environment. They also providing support for the teachers, when the work load becomes overbearing. Overall the aide is there to assist the teacher in any activity she needs, and to share the workload of a teacher in order to ensure that the classroom is manages effectively. The education necessary in order to become an aide can depend on different districts. In some districts all that may be required is a high school degree. While other school require an associate’s degree, two years of college or pass and assessment test. While if the aide works with special needs students the position typically requires that you pass a test of your…show more content…
One main quality is knowledge, knowing what youre doing and being able to react quickly with the knowledge you have of your job. Another quality is patience. Being patient can be very hard, especially with children. A teacher aide should provide support and patience for each child, and understand that some things could take longer than others for different children. Adaptability, an aide should be quick on their feet, and able to adapt to any situation that may be thrown their way. Lastly, a teacher’s aid should be optimistic. They should provide a positive outlook on any situation. The attitude the teacher and aide have can and will affect the
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