A Taste of the Good Life

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Some people are pleased by the presence of material items and a large group of friends surrounding them throughout their every action, but that is not entirely satisfying. A “good life” is one that provides fulfillment and, consequently, happiness. This type of life cannot be achieved solely by material gain nor popularity, but instead by assisting others.
Material items are always going to be desirable, but helping others provides a greater sense of happiness than a brand new 40-inch television set. Aiding others can move beyond making a person smile, it can even save a life. In the article “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” Peter Singer provides the audience with a summary of the foreign film Central Station. In the film, a woman named Dora is given the opportunity to earn $1,000 by delivering a young boy to a specific address. She quickly learns that the young boy is going to be killed, so she sets out to save his life. Of course, this example is more dramatic than any situation the average person will have to face. Singer recognizes the disparity and asks, “What is the ethical distinction between a Brazilian who sells a homeless child to organ peddlers and an American who already has a TV and upgrades to a better one—knowing that the money could be donated to an organization that would use it to save the lives of kids in need?” This idea is not, however, limited to citizens of the United States; it applies to any non-third world country. A ridiculous amount of people waste their money on trivial things when it can be spent helping others. Several celebrities recognize this, including the late Princess Diana, and attempt to use their money to donate to poor, starving children in Ethiopia. At charity galas, reporters will ...

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...ds than you were before.” Self-fulfillment cannot be achieved without a strong desire; not a desire to better the self, but a desire to make the world a better place. But if one helps others in gradual increments, one will learn to enjoy it because they will grow accustomed to thankful glances, smiles, compliments, etc. For 99% of the world, helping and giving cause some feelings of joy and, therefore, at least a glimpse of the good life.
The “good life”, that is, a life filled with self-fulfillment and happiness, is achieved by a large amount of selflessness mixed with a small dosage of pleasure. Sacrifice is considered to be a mere story; one constructed by either Hollywood or fairytales. But the truth of the matter is that the ability to sacrifice one’s self is alive in every single person in the world, the difference is whether or not you choose to display it.
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