A Talented Artist From The Hood

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A talented artist from the hood gets an opportunity to further his hopeful career and help his troubled brother and mother get out of the ghetto, but his journey to fame is tougher than he thought when his past won’t let him or his family go. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: ANGELO MURPHY (22) is a budding talented artist. He lives in the ghetto with his mother, OLIVIA, (38), a recovering alcoholic, and his younger, troubled brother, RICKY (15). Shootings in their neighborhood are common. Angelo and his family stay secluded in their home. Angelo hopes to attend college and get his family out of the ghetto. He’s disappointed when he receives a college rejection letter. When Angelo is asked to mentor some kids at the recreation center, he refuses. Angelo doesn’t believe helping the kids in the community is his fight. When a local artist, JULIA CAMBRIDGE, notices Angelo’s artwork, she’s impressed and believes she can foster his talent and make him famous. However, in order to this, Angelo will have to make some sacrifices. He’ll have to move to New York and study as an artist. Angelo isn’t sure h...

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