A Tale of Pain and Hope

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I think my mask is upside down. Fumbling with the ties behind the gown, my hands appear deformed under the poorly donned gloves. My fiance, the nurse, has long since outfitted and entered. The room's darkness protects photosensitive eyes and partially shrouds the array of electronic and medical technology. The computer monitor scrolls the words of this story in the form of graphs and digits. Beneath lies my fiance's thirteen year-old daughter who is vying against the infection in her spinal fluid. Arms and legs are restrained testifying to the power they demonstrated during her descent into this disease-induced abyss. Her face oscillates between calm and struggle, eyes are shut, there is a hint of blood on the teeth from a bitten tongue, and tubes snake all over her frame. The lighted oxygen sensor on an index finger stirs memories of the movie ET. The rest of the room reminds that healing in the real world is more complex. Temporarily laying aside her profession, my fiance now takes the role of frightened, but soothing mother. Some training does sneak in. One hand quietly insp...
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