A Tale Forever Told

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It is not every day that a work of literature written centuries ago will be recognized for generations because of its complexity, contribution to literature, and it’s wealth of history. However the 30,000 line Anglo Saxon epic poem Beowulf has truly made a significant contribution to literature today. The Anglo-Saxon poem is treasured for being one of the few literary pieces that expose Old English from the Anglo Saxon time, posses a variety of themes, and reveals the foundations of literature through its exotic plot and characters. Beowulf is known to be one the first pieces of literature conceived by and about the Anglo-Saxon society that is still relevant.The epic is a part of the oral Anglo-Saxon tradition later transcribed by monks, With Beowulf’s leisure to literature in mind along with its unique stories about killing monsters, swimming the grave seas, and hosting parties (even though that’s normal) some characters in the poem are real. King Hrothgar, for instance, a legendary Danish King, who lived in the early 6th century. Inclusive to Beowulf, King Hrothgar appears in 2 other epics entitled Widsith and Norse Sagas. Given this evidence Beowulf distinction in characters is a great tool to use when tracing the lineage of Kings and chivalry of the Anglo-Saxon time. In addition to, the epic’s chronicle of Kings through characters, it likewise contains rare literary devices, such as kennings. Kennings are derived from the Norse word “kenna”. They are compound expressions in Old English that have a metaphorical meaning (i.e. Blood: battle-sweat); A modified noun followed by a possessive noun is usually what a kenning consists of. Furthermore consider the comma, a punctuation mark that indicates the pausing between parts ... ... middle of paper ... ...ay’s literature but withal they’ve gleaned modern day poetic devices. Its history of kings, kinship, and culture, language, names, religion, and events is the reason this poem is still read today. Many Christians read it because of its biblical relation, authors read it for inspiration, students read it to be enriched in literature, historians read accommodate the ways and literature of the past, and people read it because of its beneficial, commendable, and adventurous concepts. The plot so perfectly planned, arranged, and told that. The content so rich, even though it’s long helps the poem live literature society. The treasured Anglo-Saxon poem exposing Old English of the Anglo Saxon time to students, portraying themes with many meanings, and revealing the foundations of literature through its plot and characters is the reason this poem is still valued today.

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