A Surprise Visit

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He reached out and naturally took my hand as we walked out to the parking lot. Everything about being with Luke is natural, the way he looks out for me, the way he touches me when we talk, it all seems so common and normal, yet there’s something else there. Something I can’t quite put my finger on. Something …different. Once we were in Luke’s car, I broke down and told him about my parents; the fighting, Mom sleeping in the guest room, all of it. It felt good to finally let it all out, instead of just the bits and pieces. When I finally finished talking, I looked up at Luke, he was still staring intently at me.
“So let me get this straight,” Luke began “you don’t even the whole story but you’re jumping straight to the worst case scenario? Sounds like you need to talk to your parents, Evie. You can’t believe everything Cari tells you. I mean, sure, maybe they’re going to get divorced. Or maybe it’s something entirely different. I’m not trying to get your hopes up, but at least start with the facts, right?”
I chewed on my lower lip, mulling over his advice. “Thanks Luke. I guess you’re right.”
We pulled into the driveway; Brody’s car was parked on the side of it. Chloe was sitting in the passenger seat. It looked like she was giving Brody some pretty harsh news while Cari and Lee were making out in the backseat. Luke parked next to them. He isn’t a big fan of Chloe’s either and he glanced at me with a knowing look.
“I think I’ll just drop you off if you don’t mind, but call me later if you need to ok?”
He leaned over and gave me a big hug and sped off. I stood in the driveway for a half a second, trying to collect my thoughts before dealing with Chloe. I went inside not even bothering to acknowledge the fo...

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...ld, Brody is a breath of fresh air. He’s everything my parents are trying to protect me from.
I was so busy trying to figure out if Brody really was flirting with me, or just treating me like a friend that I jumped when I heard a faint knock on my door. Brody poked his head into her room.
“Hey Eve,” he paused trying to hear himself over the radio. “Wow, are you trying to make yourself deaf, girl?”
I glanced over at my vibrating speakers and smiled, “Sorry, just trying to save myself from listening to Chloe.”
He reached over and turned the volume down, “Ya, about her, sorry about all of that. I think Chloe is a little stressed out right now, I’ve got to bring her home.”
I raised my eyebrows and shot him a look. “Mmm, she seems …angry…as usual”
Brody smiled, “Well I was wondering if I could talk to you later. I could stop by tonight if you don’t mind?”
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