A Summary On The Relationship Between Sacred Scripture And Sacred Tradition

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Background on the relationship of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition: The theological interrelationship between Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, was first challenged by the Protestant Reformation and the Reformers’ espousal of the sola scriptura doctrine, which opposed the “accumulated customs, practices and speculative prepositions” or “human traditions” that had proliferated in late medieval Catholicism of the 16th century, where they alleged that such traditions distorted the evangelical message of the Bible, and that the Bible alone provides all authoritative teaching for Christian life. At the heart of the problem, are not the Sacred Scriptures which were acknowledge to be God’s salvific divine revelation, but the human unwritten tradition and church teachings (for example encyclicals and…show more content…
Relationship between Sacred Scripture and Sacred tradition The Dei Verbum constitution established that Scripture and tradition are integrally related with considerable overlap, proceeding form the one Word of God. Although not identical they perform different tasks within the church. Scripture offers a fixed set of standards and norms for Christian faith and life, based on ancient testimonies of foundational events in both the Old and New Testaments. Tradition embraces and enhances these scriptural testimonies by bringing Scripture into a dynamic and critical dialogue through every age of the church’s life. Together with Scripture and Tradition, Vatican II introduced a third factor, namely the magisterium or teaching office of the Catholic Church, whose task is to interpret and preserve the truth of salvation revealed in both Sacred Scripture and Sacred

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