A Summary Of The Battle Of Palo Alto

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The Battle of Palo alto was the start to one of the most reminisced wars in the United States known as the Mexican American War. This battle took place north of the Rio Grande River near Brownsville, Texas, on May 8, 1846. During this time the United States was flourishing and expanding Westward in hopes to achieve the perspective of manifest destiny. The Battle of Palo Alto was an American victory achieved through the effective use of artillery by General Zachary Taylor, who ultimately inaugurated the full acquisition of Texas. Around the time of 1821, with Texas still attained by Mexico, land was extremely cheap attracting American settlers. Mexico was full on against their new comers due to slavery. These Americans would bring their slaves to live with them, but the act of slavery was against Mexican law. The new settlers sought out the idea of cessation from Mexico and its president, Santa Ana. Texas would now fight for its independence if necessary. Of Course, Santa Ana was against the idea of Texas breaking free; he prepared an army that would follow him to San Antonio where...

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