A Summary Of Paul's Letter To Philemon

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Paul wrote a letter to Philemon while he was in prison thus called the Book of Philemon. Paul appealed to Philemon to forgive his slave and no longer view him as a slave, but a brother in Christ. By following the format (Salutation, Thanksgiving, The Plea for Onesimus, Final Greeting) Paul skillfully build up his plea for Onesimus. Through this letter Paul tactfully persuades Philemon through means of emotional kinship. During this time in the Roman Empire half of all people were slaves and owners had full rights to do as they please( Commentary on Philemon - Rev Dennis E Wheeler. (n.d.). So when Onesimus ran away that alone was punishable by death not to mention stealing. When Onesimus run away he thought his best option was to lose himself in the crowd so he would not be caught. However, God has…show more content…
Paul lays himself out for poor Onesimus, and with all his means pleads his cause with his master: and so sets himself as if he were Onesimus, and had himself done wrong to Philemon. Even as Christ did for us with God the Father, thus also St. Paul does for Onesimus with Philemon… We are all His Onesimi, to my thinking(The Book of Philemon. (n.d.).” The book of Philemon is metaphor of what Jesus did, so sinner would be set free from the bondages of sin. God having the power to forgive sin. Jesus the mediator also the one who pays for the sin. Lastly, sinners who are slave to sin and death. Philemon represents God, Paul represents Jesus, and Onesimus represents sinners bound to slavery. Paul came before Philemon asking him to forgive Onesimus and to no longer view him as a slave, but a brother in Christ. He also informs Philemon to charge him for Onesimus wrongdoing. Christ did the same thing for us with God. Jesus came before God and paid the price for sin of the world. Through this sinner could now become saved and become children of God. This letter retells what Christ did for us through the greatest theme of
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