A Successful Success: The Success Of A Small Business

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What is it that makes some small businesses fail while others go on to resounding success? It is an unfortunate fact that a lot of businesses do not make it in the long run. What separates those that thrive from those that don’t? The difference is that certain habits and traits are what allow some small business owners to make their own luck and run successful companies. Let’s look at the ten most important:

1. Big Dreams
Dreamers build successful businesses. “Business owners often create something out of nothing,” states founder and CEO of SmallBizTrends.com Anita Campbell. Campbell built her online community on the belief that small businesses can make their dreams reality. “You have to see your business in your mind’s eye . You must have complete faith and belief in this vision of what your business can become from the very start, even when there’s hardly anything tangible yet.”

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Confidence is Key
Successful small business owners do not allow self-doubt or negative people to hold them back. They persist, staying focused on their goals even when things don’t work out according to plan.

8. No Fear of Failure
Many people are prevented from even starting a business or trying something new because they are afraid of failure. Successful entrepreneurs weigh the risks and try to reduce them as much as they can, but they never let the risk prevent them from getting where they are going.

9. Team Builders
As an organization expands and finds that it needs more people, it is important for owners to treat onboarding and team-building as crucial processes. The employees and managers they bring into their company will be the pillars on which their business is built. Smart organization spend serious time determining what skillsets and personalities they want in the people they hire, and further time deciding how they will find those people. Making smart hires and knowing when it is time to let a person go are what can make or break a small business.


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