A Study of the Facts and Points of Views on Abortion

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A Study of the Facts and Points of Views on Abortion

Today, policies regarding legal abortion in the United States are being debated everywhere from the halls of Congress to the street corners of our smallest towns. In the United States, the pro-choice and pro-life movements are both powerful and active. At this time compromise appears to be impossible.

Objective of Research Paper

The objective of this research paper was to determine different facts and point-of-views on abortion. I myself am a pro-lifer and sorry to say bias on the subject, though in this paper I tried to put that aside and be open-minded. It is my intent to present a review of the literature on conception and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd trimester abortions, discuss differences in beliefs and point of views, and present my opinion on this highly controversial subject of abortion.

Review of Literature


The baby is conceived at the moment the male sperm unites with the mother's egg (Stewart, 1992a). The single cell, which is then formed, can now be called a zygote. If the pregnancy is normal, then the zygote will multiply and form itself into several other cells, then it will travel through the fallopian tube, enter the womb (the uterus), it will then implant itself into the uterine wall. When

the process of implantation has been completed, one to two weeks after conception, it can then be stated that the pregnancy is well established and on its

way to the full development of the baby, and that the zygote can now be called an embryo.

As soon as the placenta and the umbilical cord have become established, the embryo can then take the nourishment that it needs through these two things. The umbilical cord and the placenta provide nourishment to ...

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...hildren. If people would act responsibly, then we would not have to face this issue. Why take the joy out of a child's life, and the joy out of wanting couples life. There is one saying that I would like to leave you with; LIFE, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CHOICE (Catholic Social Services).


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