A Study of College Drinking

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Review of Literature The literature on college binge drinking and student’s academic performance are for the most part; focused on an essential constituent or characteristic that has been revealed. During the past ten months, research has become an essential basis in regards to college binge drinking and the effects said behavior is having on those college students who choose to over-indulge. Given the situation over the literature pertaining to college binge drinking and poor academic grades, it is important to ask if such research is assisting college students in proper alternatives when choosing to consume alcohol (College Drinking, 2005). In order for success; college students must put in the effort; and participate in surveys, focus groups, and any other activity which is necessary to assist in consuming alcohol in a more responsible manner. The literature on college binge drinking is through various surveys and focus groups which have assisted administrators in implementing program(s) for college students; in which will be used for continued analysis (College Drinking, 2005). Alcohol Use When college student(s) consume alcohol excessively; this is a widely present issue with various potential consequences, both academically and personal, for an indefinite number of students. Through college student demonstrations; its findings have been reported that two-thirds of all student(s) have admitted to alcohol consumption within the past month (O’Malley & Johnston, 2002). Pertaining to such students, more than half admit to binge drinking two weeks earlier. Binge drinking is defined as person(s) consuming alcohol with the direct intention of becoming inebriated by drinking heavily over a short period of time. When one consum... ... middle of paper ... ...E. T. (2006). How college affects students: Ten directions for future research. Journal of College Student Development, 47(5), 508-520. Pascarella, E. T., & Terenzini, P. T. (2005). How college affects students (Vol. 2): A third decade of research. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Perkins, H. W. (2002). Surveying the damage: A review of research on consequences of alcohol misuse in college populations. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 63(Supplement No. 14), 91- 100. Presley, C. A., Meilman, P. W., Cashin, J. R., & Lyerla, R. (1996). Alcohol and drug on campuses: Use, consequences, and perceptions of the campus environment, Volume III: 1991-93. Carbondale, IL: The Core Institute, Southern Illinois University. Rau, W., & Durand, A. (2000). The academic ethic and college grades: Does hard work help students to "make the grade"? Sociology of Education, 73(1), 19-38.
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