A Study: The Poisonwood Bible

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Kristy Huynh January 7, 2014 Period 2 The Poisonwood Bible Independent Study 1. Choose a passage that contains striking imagery. Analyze the passage and explain the effect on the work as a whole. “Clearing a rain forest to plant annuals is like stripping an animal first of its fur, then its skin. The land howls. Annual crops fly on a wing and a prayer. And even if you manage to get a harvest, why, you need roads to take it out! Take one trip overland here and you'll know forever that a road in the jungle is a sweet, flat, impossible dream. The soil falls apart. The earth melts into red gashes like the mouths of whales. Fungi and vines throw a blanket over the face of the dead land. It's simple, really. Central Africa is a rowdy society of flora and fauna that have managed to balance together on a trembling geologic plate for ten million years: when you clear off part of the plate, the whole slides into ruin… To be here without doing everything wrong requires a new agriculture, a new sort of planning, a new religion” (524-525). Adah acknowledges what her father has done wrong and his inability to realizes his faults. The African land that the family has set food on cannot change according to their desires and attempting to do so only damages it more. Kingsolver illustrates that many do not seem to realize the impact of going into a country and asking them to change their religion, way of developing food, or their education system. Those attempting to colonize do not see the destruction that they are doing. Africa to Adah has been born like this, and “ have managed to balance together on a trembling geological plate for ten million years.” This shows that balance has already been achieved in the views of the Africans and livin... ... middle of paper ... ... ridiculous to Anatole that we have fruits and vegetables that are grown somewhere else and then driven miles and miles to the supermarket. The clash of the two cultures makes me wonder if the “American” way is better. It is pretty ridiculous that people can’t grow their own food and only rely on the labor of others. Although I appreciate and enjoyed reading about a world in which I have no experience, the imagery in the book was more than enough to show me that I would not survive a day living in Africa. Kingsolver’s vivid imagery and attention to detail hooked me the first few pages. (Like how the family wanted to bring the Better Crocker cake mix). The different detail from each of the Price sisters presents Africa and allowed me to piece it together. I was also able to identify myself with each of the sisters. I see myself as Rachel, Adah, Leah, and Ruth May.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how kingsolver illustrates that many do not seem to realize the impact of going into a country and asking them to change their religion, way of developing food, or their education system.
  • Analyzes how the american and african ways of life are two different worlds. leah realizes that in congo, the land owns the people. nathan price has the least understanding of the congolese culture.
  • Analyzes how adah's disability allows her to appreciate what the kikongo can do.
  • Opines that she was an interesting character because she changed their views on certain things. she understands that mothers often make tough choices regarding her children.
  • Opines that the people do not want to baptize their children, do they not realize that they can obtain forgiveness for their sins?
  • Opines that it would be best if you guys left the congo right now, one word, independence.
  • Analyzes how rachel, the eldest of the prices sister, would reflect how most americans would react if they were to live in kikongo.
  • Analyzes the impact of the passage on the work as a whole.
  • Analyzes how adah's childhood energy was spent on feeling betrayed by her mother, while her adulthood spent overcoming her guilt for the injustice imposed on the congolese.
  • Analyzes how adah's disability is what makes her the most powerful and effective narrator. she is inferior in the novel, although she has an identical twin sister.
  • Opines that adah hasn't tweeted since he broke his arm in leopoldville.
  • Opines that jesus christ lost the election, or could it be that i am losing him?
  • Opines that paris hilton doesn't stand a chance against them.
  • Opines that the congo was a nightmare turned into reality. ruth may, what if we had left earlier?
  • Analyzes how captivity strained the price family and the people of the congo, reflecting the idea that freedom is harder to achieve than it seems.
  • Analyzes how kingsolver differentiates the price sisters by using tone, diction, and syntax.
  • Explains that adah's limp in the poisonwood bible can be considered her "adornment" in that her limp was rare and it distinguished her.
  • Analyzes how kingsolver developed each character without any confusion, and the transformation that the sisters had was natural and well captured.
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