A Study On Academic Motivation

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My area that showed the largest improvement in Academic Motivation was my study habits. This increased by 20% (from a 75 to a 95) and I think that my grades reflect those numbers. I think there were several factorial impacts that helped me grow in this area. The first thing that impacted my study habits and grades were the SIs that I attended. I went to every single Principles of Biology SI that was held and took notes over the duration of the hour, and occasionally two hour, sessions. This in combination with the Biology tutor I had weekly appointments with, helped my Biology grade increase tremendously. I went from a D to a B, with the study tips and the extra help these two things gave me. Along with how helpful these were, surrounding myself with positive influences helped me very much. My second area with the most improvement is my math and skills confidence which increased 16% (61 to a 77). I think the increase in study habits and SI/ tutoring help are directly related to my confidence. Getting the extra help boosted my grade, then boosting my confidence. The ways I’ve learned to study through the extra help have benefitted me in all my classes, and on a personal level. Under General Coping, I feel I can grow in my sense of financial security. I ranked a 39 in the beginning of the semester and now am at a 38. I plan to use resources available to me to help me better this number. I have a lot of confusion on my financial awards and scholarships and have been unsure of who to talk to these things about. I plan to visit with my advisor to try to clear up confusion I have and get pointed in the proper direction. After meeting with my advisor and finding out who to talk to, I will follow the trail until I no longer have unce... ... middle of paper ... ...ail reminders and it is very helpful. I plan to continue to use that to remind of tests, quizzes, and finals reminders. This way I can stay on top of studying better and being better prepared. I am going to use something similar to a check balance book to keep track of how much money I am saving and look at the figures of what it is in comparison to what it should be and adjust from there. For my meditation, I am going to log every time I mediate and look back on my log book at the end of every week and compare the times to the goal. This will show me if I miss the same day for two consecutive weeks early on, so I can adjust what is necessary. To keep on top of my internship goals, I will again use the email reminder every week to ask myself where I am at and say where I should be. This was I stay on top of applying for places and get a better chance of acceptance.
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