A Student's Observations on Three Consumer Electronics Websites

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A Student's Observations on Three Consumer Electronics Websites

In today’s world of technology, electronics have become an essential part of our lives. With the advances in technology and communication systems, the sizes of integrated circuits or chips decrease every year, which in turn make the electronics smaller, more reliable and more powerful. In addition, due to the economic crisis, customers’ demands are becoming more crucial. They prefer cheaper products with better functions which consume less power. Therefore, it is useful to evaluate those websites in the market that will lead us to a better idea of how to choose better and cheaper products. The evaluation of these websites will be based on user friendliness, the organization and layout of the websites, contents, and how effective the site is at conveying the information it is trying to present. The three websites that I will be evaluating are www.cnet.com, www.buy.com and www.amazon.com

First of all, cnet.com is evaluated. Most consumers are concerned with the duration it takes to load the website. The consumer will be frustrated if the website takes a long time to load. Although cnet.com is loaded with pictures, information and links on the webpage, the loading of the webpage is instantaneous.

Furthermore, cnet.com is a very informative and user friendly website. The main page of cnet.com provides information on new products release and many safety precautions while using electronic equipments. The content of cnet.com is large; the consumers are able to find many electronic products, such as notebooks, desktops, television, digital cameras, peripherals, handheld and home videos on cnet.com. In addition, this website also provides customer reviews, specifications and the manufacturer of a certain electronic product.

For example, if you are buying digital cameras products, you can simply click on the digital camera link and you will be directed to an option page. In this option page, the consumer will then choose the desired price range, the manufacturers and the resolution. After choosing a particular manufacturer, you will be forwarded to a page where the website will compare the price of the chosen digital cameras with other digital cameras of the same functionality and requirements. The best price will be highlighted.

Customer reviews about a certain product and its manufacturer are provided. Therefore, the consumer will not need to worry about the reliability of a certain product of an unknown manufacturer.

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