A Student 's Intelligence Is Education

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There are no professional athletes and valedictorians who did not spend hours and hours of training and studying before they reach their goals to be the greatest. When it comes to the topic about whether students are trained to have traits to succeed or fail in their education journey, people tend to believe that students do have a growth mindset which a student’s intelligence is earned through learning. Although I should know better by now, I cannot help but ask, “Are students born brainless?” Many people assumed that talent will not develop without a proper conditioning, others maintain that students are born to be talented and one of the reasons is heredity. Common sense seems to dictate that students are conditioned and trained to succeed in life because it requires energy to study and learn, knowledge is expanded, and people have to work to achieve their goals. People learn through their environment that effort leads to growth and success. It has been proven that it requires energy to progress your learning. In his article, “Alphabet Soup,” John Almy, an author and naval officer, professes, “So what good did learning how to read to me? Plenty! For one thing, I started reading to my daughter from the day she came home from the hospital. And I taught her how to read long before she ever set foot in a public school.” In other words, it takes time to be better at something. His daughter would have not been able to read before she started school, if it wasn’t from his teachings. Learning is the main key to succeed in life. To gain your knowledge, your brain must be conditioned to adapt. Conventional wisdom has it that our knowledge are expanded since we were born. If I were to lock a child in a tiny room with no books to read... ... middle of paper ... ... experienced that education leads into being brilliant. Anybody can accomplish their goals if they believe in themselves. In other words, set your own goals, and try your best to achieve success. The standard way of thinking about people being trained and conditioned to succeed in life has it that people have to follow a strict routine repetitively to accustom themselves to this way of thinking. Although, this may result in being successful it will become tiring and redundant. In her article, “Brainology,” Carol Dweck, an author and professor of Psychology, points out, “It is the belief that intelligence can be developed that opens students to a love of learning, a belief in the power of effort and constructive, determined reactions to setbacks.” In other word, intelligence can be developed and expanded. However, it will take a time and energy to achieve goals.
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