A Struggle to Eat: Battling an Eating Disorder

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The National Association of Anorexia has recently released news that 91% of Anorexia patients began their disorder purely because of crude words said to them from someone the deeply care about. Why would anyone care so much as to what someone thinks to hurt oneself? Or maybe, the bigger question is, how far is too far to feel accepted by society? 21 year-old Holly Griffith shares her story of struggle with Anorexia, the loss of her child through the disorder, and the road to recovery. “When I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified of having to gain weight again. I was so scared, so I didn’t. My baby did not make it out alive and that is something I will never forgive myself for.” Griffith also shared with Dailey Telegraph, Sydney, “I knew I had to eat for the baby. It was just so hard to push out all the voices in my head saying I was fat.” This issue of self-worth that is shown in the excerpt above is not only troubling Ms. Griffith, but people all across the globe. Women and men feel as if it is necessary to impress every single person that they meet. If one person is not...
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