A Stressful Life

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William Faulkner was an American Poet, and writer. When he was young he loved football and later discovered that he also liked writing. When he started to work as a writer he started to fill stressed by the pressure he had so he started drinking. William Faulkner was born on 25 September 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi (Akers 1). He was the son of Murry Cuthbert and Maud Butler, and the first out of his four brothers (Kawin 1) His other three brothers were Murry born 1899, John born 1901, and Dean born1907. He learned to handle guns and hunt during his childhood. He lived among horses and dogs while their father ran the livery stable (Skei 2). He became shy, and did not do his schoolwork (Inge 6). He later quit school, returning only during the fall to play football (Skei 3). He attended school until eleventh grade because he was denied graduation (Inge 6). His family was well known for banking and the railroad. His father soon became the secretary and business manager of the University of Oxford (Kawin 1). Attended the University of Mississippi studying William Shakespeare(Skei 4). During his early life he worked as a store clerk, carpenter, general construction- worker, coal shoveler, deck hand, cadet –aviator, and in a bookstore in NY (Akers 2). He also worked at his grandfather’s bank and learned the medicine value of his liquor (Inge 1). Then he returned to Mississippi and worked as a postmaster from December 1921 to October 1924, but was accused of throwing all incoming mail into the garbage can (Inge 3). In 1918 he tried to join the U.S. Army Signal Corps, but did not meet the height and weight requirements (Kawin 1). He liked the British uniform and was nicknamed “Count” because his uniform was the latest in fashion (Inge 6). So then he enlisted in the Canadian RAF. He joined the air force in 1918 and got a commission as a R.F.C. pilot (Kawin 1). In training he crashed a plane that cost the British government $ 84.30 (Inge 1). World War 1 ended before he finished his training as a pilot (Inge 2). In 1919 he entered Oxford University as a special student until 1920. As a special student he surpassed French and Spanish but did performed awful in English (Inge 2). In 1918 Estelle Oldham announced her engagement with Cornell Franklin. She had two children from her marriage with Cornell (Skei 3).
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