A Streetcar Named Desire And The Metamorphosis Analysis

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In literature the protagonists who are usually the most interesting characters in texts are the flawed ones. They help us understand ourselves as humans, but also the ideas of the text. The protagonists in both A streetcar Named Desire and The Metamorphosis are flawed in some way. In A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennesse Williams gives the main characters of the story tragic flaws, which ultimately bring them down. Blanche DuBois own tragic flaws joined with Stanley Kowalski’s, which eventually lead Blanche to her downfall. In The Metamorphosis, Gregor both as a man and an insect he accepts the hardships he has to face without complaint. When he has first transformed into an insect, he does complain about his condition, he rather quickly accepts that he has become a bug and tries to continue his life normally in his new condition.

Blanche DuBois is a protagonist in A Streetcar Named Desire who is suffering from the need to create a delusion for herself in order to handle the stress of her life. The reality of Blanche comes when she is forced to have to work and finds her beauty diminishing. Her last hope for emotional and physical support is to live with her sister and her husband. When Blanche arrives to live with her younger sister Stella, when she says: “They told me to take a streetcar named Desire”; which portrays confusions and uncertainty. In addition, the word “desire: is presents as Blanche rides a symbolic streetcar of lust and desire in her life. In contrast, in The Metamorphosis, Gregor hates his job but keeps it because he has an obligation to pay off his father’s debt. He is transformed into a large bug and spends the rest of his life in that current state. Gregor quickly accepts his current situation and tries to ad...

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...pears entirely. Unlike Blanche, Gregor is quicker in adapting to significant life changes. In addition, Gregor faces reality and what is really happening to him and tries to reflect and consider his new existence, while Blanche denies reality and the present, and tries to surround herself in her own fantasy with lies.

In conclusion, in literature the protagonists are always flawed in someway, just how Blanche DuBois and Gregor Somsa are both the protagonists in two different novels, although something they have in common is that they are both flawed, in distinctive ways. Blanch has crossed boundaries which has left her to feel more guilt and desperation, causing her to have mental and physical instability. On the other hand, Gregor considers the advantages of his new formation, and looks on the positive side of situations, and adapts easily to any circumstance.

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