A Streetcar Named Desire Analysis

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Nazmul Rabbi Russell Weaver ENG 101 H 5 May 2014 “A streetcar named desire” Blanche is an independent woman who has fallen from the cusp of society. Due to her deep emotional problems she made mistakes, which is unforgivable. And she hasn’t done herself any favors by not trying to change that. After her young husband’s death she lost track of herself. She did things she is not proud of but did it anyway. When everything was against her no house, no job and bad reputation made her seek the last resort, which is her sister. Where she moves to have a new start in life with a clean slate to get the happiness, which was once there. To get out of that delusional world back to reality, and to get out of projecting blame to accepting the mistakes. One key aspect of Blanche’s character is her inability to adapt to certain situations. When the going gets tough, Blanche’s will goes missing. That sums up a key part of her character. “I’m not used to such…” (Tennessee Williams 68) When Blanche says “such,” this implies that Blanche is scared and reeling from what happened at the end of poker night. Blanche and Stanley never see eye to eye and this situation is a prime example of that. Blanche having lost everything moves to Elysian Fields in New Orleans to see her sister Stella. She has lost her husband, her parents, her job and, most importantly, their old family home, Belle Reve. After the sisters finally meet, Blanche disliked the fact that she had to stay home and watch older family members die while Stella made off with Stanley. Blanche is also appalled that her sister is living in a run down place like this one when they both come from a sophisticated background. She explains that she has come for a visit because she ne... ... middle of paper ... ...e also intruded on her sister’s life as well. The relationship between Stanley and Stella degraded after she came on which fractured the relationship. Stanley knew Blanche was the problem that’s why he brought her the bus ticket to Laurel so they could finally be happy again. She lost track of reality and retreated. And most of all she tried to forge a relationship with lies with a good man like Mitch. According to the text, it is being portrayed that Blanche is a devil and she is still trying to be an angel. She is someone who is causing a lot of trouble in her sister’s family life. She is someone who lies a lot and has a massive ego. Once her shady secrets come out in public she goes into limbo but she still doesn’t come down to earth. She is not a devil in a bad way but as a victim. She is a victim of bad situations and choices. Also luck was never on her side.

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