A Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

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Robert Heinlein is often thought of as one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. His most popular book; A Stranger in a Strange Land; created a counter cultural revolution. Which resulted in many cults built around his fictitious culture that challenges every axiom of society. *Note that this book was written in the 1960's when "free love" was widely accepted by the younger generations. It arguably influenced the "free love" movement and the "sexual revolution "in general.

Valentine Michael Smith (a.k.a. the Man from Mars) is heir to a considerable fortune from his Mother, Father, and actual father as well as the vast fortunes of each crewmember who was on the first expedition to Mars. In accordance to the Larkin Decision Mike is the sovereign ruler of Mars, having stayed the allotted years on Mars. Jill compares Mike to an angel. " He had old, wise eyes in a completely placid face, a face of unearthly innocence." He is a babe in the woods so to speak. He does not understand the concept of lying hitherto religion. He reads many holy books and realizes that the religions are incongruent. When brought to Earth he had never seen a woman. The doctors kept him isolated him from women in fear that a woman would be raped. Jill, a nurse weaseled her way into Mike's room out of great curiosity. When she converses with Mike she realizes that he has never seen a woman before. There Mike makes his first water brother. A water brother is someone who you pledge your life to and in a way is a form of love.

"Well? I look like a woman, don't I?" "I do not know," Smith answered slowly. "How does woman look? What makes you woman?

"Well, for pity's sake!" "You don't expect me to take off my clothes and show you!"

Mike carries this trait of innocence throughout the book.

Gillian (Jill) Boardman is Mike's first water brother. She sees that Mike is in danger and whisks him off to Ben Caxton's apartment. There Mike and she are nearly captured by the cops. Here the book shows Mike's special "abilities". Ben Caxton is an administration-baiting columnist who thinks that Mike is dispensable or kept in a hospital all his life. He and Jill conspire to spirit Mike to the safety of Jubal Harshaw (Heilein's alter ego), an eccentric billionaire who has the resources keep the Federation from catching up to him.
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