A Story Of Guilford County

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The battle of the Guilford county courthouse: March 13 1781 I don't know how the war started. My cousin Tom said it was in Massachusetts 1775. That was six years ago.=, and the British was fighting the north. I don't know why it started. I heard it was tax some says it was control of the British. The Yankees were doing good and with the added support of the French and Indians, the British decided to direct there attention to the south. So it is said that a general called George Washington commanded Nathaniel Greene to command the south. Greene is wants to rise up his troops right. Who you think that is, me. Allan Dreaman. I'm just ordinary country folk. All this fuss of the British and taxes got me worrying. Even though the taxes don't effect me I should fight for my country. It was so confusing, but all the young guns went for the army. And all the pansies well lets say they are goanna have a meeting with big Willie. Gen. Greene told us that we are to face the British at the Guilford county courthouse. well that's all I can say for now. March 14 1781 Wow I was nervous of how I was so untrained in combat, but most of the people here are just like me country men or what they call in the army militia. It was bout 1700 enlistees of the army, and 2700 of us militia. We were put in three lines, first and second line of militia, and third line of centennials. I was put in the first line. We were given nothing so I packed my only weapon the pitch fork. March 15 Today is the big day I go to war. I was station near the rails of the battleground. I heard the drummer roll and my line screamed in to battle. We ran up a hill I was told to hold back, as the militia with muskets went over the hill. I stood patiently, but was amazed to see such numbers of muskets at least 1500. After a loud "fire" from the leader, I heard hundreds of booms. It startled all of the lower men including me. The British lately fired back but they sounded so weak. I was given the call to come up so I went up the hill, to see so much redcoats drop dead.
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