A Stand for the Death Penalty

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The penalty of death for murder or a severe crime of any kind in the United States has been a hot topic for a good part of the decade. Capital Punishment is seen as a way to balance the peace within society, yet some would care greatly to disagree. Not only does the victim’s family suffer, but so does the family of the criminal.
Though there are countless reasons to support the death penalty, it’s best to start off with the two simplest ones; free will and closure. Free will might sound awfully ridiculous, but it is strangely and undeniably relevant. No one is compelled or forced to commit murder or rape, so by doing so the criminal gives up any excuse they may have. A famous example of this is the night that Gregory Thompson committed pre-meditated murder and later claimed the insanity plea. This man knew exactly what he had done and no one had forced him to commit such heinous acts, ones which he now deserves to pay the price for. Not only can the death penalty keep criminals contained for the short remainders of their lives, but it can severely decrease probability of prisoner parole. Prisoner parole can give a criminal another chance to kill or rape, regardless of their state of mental health. Another very well-known case, “The Black Dahlia Murder”, involved a twenty-three year old young woman named Elizabeth Short. Now, there is no way to even remotely try to understand what had gone through the killer’s mind. Perhaps they had been truly insane, or maybe just an average person. Whatever the case may have been, they would’ve been given the death penalty if caught, and should have died immediately after receiving the death penalty. No one wants one of these people roaming the streets or taking up the space in federal prisons, w...

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...ut the years.
There is no possible way to allow the families to receive justice for the loss of their loved ones, if the death penalty was repealed. Nothing can remove the grief for the families unless the murderer pays their dues and is sentenced to death. If the death penalty were repealed, and murderers or extreme rapists would basically just live a tax free and minimally luxurious life, facing no true punishments for their crimes. It’s a question or action that faces the depths of morality and judgment.

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