A Spring Morning at Grandma’s Antique Shop

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The sun catches on the many colors of transparent glass: Forest green, cobalt blue, peachy pink, and amber yellow forms a surrealistic prism around the room. In the swirling colors, Victorian dolls dance. This is the image that comes to mind when I think of a spring morning at Grandma’s Antique Shop.

Gravel crunches as I walk toward the old gray house. Above the steps is a baby blue sign that reads "Todd's Treasures," a hoe and rake form a pyramid over the sign. The steps are wooden and give gently with each quick step I take. The sleigh bells on the door jingles as I open it calling, "Hello Grandma." My voice echoes and Grandma says hello from wherever she is, usually the desk.

The smell of cinnamon gently envelops me as I step inside. Most antique stores smell musty and old like the merchandise they hold. I close the door softly, but the sleigh bells still jingle. In the summer and spring, when the refreshing smell of potpourri fills the store, Grandma offers me a soda or ice cream, but today, in the fall, she offers a cup of coffee. Grandma goes back to the kitchen, where she prepares two cups of steamy brown liquid, and I walk around the rooms of her antique store.

The first room is bright and shiny. This is the room that turns into a prism in the mornings. Transparent glasses of forest green and cobalt blue sit on shelves in the back. There is depression glass with hues of peachy pink, light blue, and amber. Lusterware shines with its strange combination of gold and periwinkle, with hand painted scenes of cherry trees on them. All of the glass shines dust free. Signs inform customers "NO SMOKING" and "I break, I buy; You break, you buy!" The signs are painted in bold green letters.

Right next to the door is the ...

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...d with glass balls, and ceramic icicles hang from the branches. Toys are near by, as if Santa has visited a little early. A dozen Christmas stockings are pinned to the wall; some even have things peeking out. A brick chimney climbs through the middle of the floor and out the roof. When I leave the enchanted corner, and go down the steps I close the door, so that the warm air stays down.

When I reach the foot of the stairs, Grandma hands me a Folders Mocha Fresco and we move into the front room where we can help any customers that happen by. I sit in a chair near the desk and Grandma sits behind it. We drink our coffee and talk about the antique business and life, while the glass in the room cuts a multicolored sunset into the room as the sun goes down. We then wash our mugs, and while Grandma locks up I go out the door, to the tune of the tinkling sleigh bells.

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