A Solar-Powered World

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A Solar-powered World Since the beginning of the war against environmental contamination, it has been the job of engineers to come up with solutions to this problem. Waste management regulations, material recycling and recursion to renewable energy resources have been some of the many brilliant ideas engineers have emerged with to take control of the situation. Of these three, the use of renewable energy resources has meant to be the most complicated of the solutions to repair the damage done to nature. The generation of energy has always been of concern to humanity and so it demands to be studied rigorously. Here is when questions about solar radiation appear over the table of many scientists. With all of its mysteries and power, the sun has shown its potential to be a reliable source of renewable energy. The question is: how can engineers take advantage of the energy that comes from the sun? In order to wisely exploit solar energy, engineers must execute precise arrangements in solar energy systems. Primarily, engineers should be able to identify what kind of solar configuration is the best for harnessing solar energy. First, engineers must explore what advantages each solar energy system can provide. This step is crucial for understanding the potential of sunlight in the renewable energy world. Most researchers in the field of renewable energy name, at least, two fundamental types of solar energy system configurations: flat-plates and concentrators (Balat 981, Higgins 26 and Hepbasli et al. 556). In their works, these researchers describe each type of configuration as equally suitable to convert solar radiation; nevertheless, they encourage the use of flat-plates for photovoltaic conversions and concentrator for solar-the... ... middle of paper ... ... the factors that shape the performance of such systems. For instance, engineers must pay close attention to the type solar energy system configuration as well as the type of material they choose for the task, so they will ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Also, engineers must find reliable ways to store and manage the energy that has been already converted, without letting aside the new technologies and applications they could destine to that energy. Finally, engineers must come together to figure out how they could make solar energy systems a true adversary for fossil fuels, so they could free society of such damaging fuel. In summary, engineers have the capability of imposing solar energy systems as a reliable energy source or let it be forgotten. Either of both will be a reflect of how they manage the technology and on what they focus to handle it.

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