A Sister's Footprints Through Life

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A Sister’s Footprints Through Life

Kimberly Daterria Williams age 28 born June 12, 1979; a sister of such great demeanor was always the perfect Sister. She appeared to have all the attributes of a saint: a great Christian life, grades any parent would be proud of, she knew just what to say to adults, and most of all she never made a mistake. If so one's little sister never knew of it. What parent would not love a daughter like Kimberly? One’s little sister had jealousy towards Kimberly, which now has blossomed into a love for her. For now Kimberly has become a great example in one's life of being driven, outgoing, and inspiring. Kimberly's relationship with her little sister has matured into a friendship. A friendship of which will now be the foundation that will help her little sister be more successful in her little sisters life's decisions.

Kimberly's ultimate obstacle was fear; not making the right decisions is what she based her drive off of to get to a successful lifestyle. She feared not being able to support and make a better living for herself, and she was not about to settle for being a failure in life. To make that success, she attended college at University of Arizona, which was where she graduated. There she received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which now with that drive that was originally there before the degree, has more emphasis on anything she does in life.
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