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The first nineteen years of my life were developed through the lens of a single church/school. Through three weekly worship services, two prayer services, youth group, home-fellowship group, men’s breakfast, and school five days a week, my worldview matured. I have to stress that Calvary Temple was my world, it was my society, and much of who I am is because of that church. Of the 400+ members, 98% of the congregation consisted of white or African-Americans. The area is a highly educated and high-income society that regards Western values and morals as the pinnacle of “high-society”. A part of this value system was the reverence for punctuality. I was trained from a young age that a responsible man is always 10-minutes early, at the latest. It shows that you respect an individual by showing up at a respectable time. Arriving late is a sign of laziness and should be considered a immature lifestyle that is unfair to those around you. After leaving that church, I spent a few years jumping around between churches before settling down at an Assemblies of God church of around 200 individuals. The differences between Calvary Temple and Word of Life are overwhelming. No longer was I part of the majority culture but became a minority in a church that outwardly celebrated the different cultures of the world. Sunday morning worship was a sea of colors, as Africans and Indians came to worship God in traditional dressing. Singing in other languages was common when our worship team was represented by 8 different nationalities spanning the entire world. It is easy to say that this new environment was a culture shock in comparison to my early life at church. For the most part, I had no issues integrating myself into this new environment, b... ... middle of paper ... ...lture’s view of time – past, present, and future – is exceedingly important as we will see.” I failed to see how my view of time could be anything but the correct view. I had to come to a place of humbleness. God showed me that I was in no position to question the intent of their actions. Who am I to judge these people as lazy or disrespectful based upon a different worldview and value of time? I hope that I am now at a place where I can begin to value others actions based upon the values of their specific worldview. I hate that my upbringing led to a place of cultural resentment and that it gained power over my thoughts towards other people. I am so thankful to God for leading me to teachers that made aware the core functions of communication and how to grasp the values of another culture, thereby allowing me to love others in a manner that they wish to be loved.
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