A Short Story: The Story Of A Nurse

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I have some very exciting news to share today but I have to provide a little background so that you can fully appreciate how truly awesome this news really is. Now I’ll admit that this is a pretty long post. Just trust me, it’s worth it. Just sit back for a few minutes and let me tell you a story about the most amazing woman that has ever walked this earth. This is a story about dedication, determination, and the pursuit of a dream. It’s the story of a nurse who overcame tremendous obstacles. This is the story of my beautiful wife Mandy.
We celebrated Mandy’s graduation from nursing school not long after we were married. She was so excited to start her new career and get the experience she needed to pursue her dream job. You see, like many of us in the medical field, Mandy was a trauma junkie. The bug first bit her when she worked in the Trauma Center as an x-ray tech. Blood and broken bodies were no problem for Mandy. I worked for Meducare, the hospital based EMS service with a flight team. Mandy would
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The bone healed well she regained 80% use of her arm. Although she couldn’t move huge adults anymore she had no trouble with the babies in the NNICU. Although her dream of becoming a flight nurse was taken from her she still had her life and a promising nursing career. Even though she still dealt with constant nerve pain, Mandy thrived in the NNICU. She resumed her duties as a charge and stabilization nurse and went on to become a PICC placement nurse and an ECMO nurse. She loves learning new things that make her a better nurse for her patients. After fourteen years in the NNICU, Mandy decided to move across the hallway to the Pediatric ICU. This was an exciting challenge for Mandy. She was so used to caring for tiny premature babies and these kids were as old as 18! There were new disease processes to learn about and Mandy jumped right in with both

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