A Short Note On Hepatitis And Its Effects

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Hepatitis is a disease that is slowly making its self-known throughout the world. We don’t hear It often but it’s a disease that we really know nothing or very little over it. Hepatitis is a disease that attacks the liver, it makes the liver get inflamed. The cause of the disease is caused by toxins in the body or that we put into our bodies which is alcohol. It can also be caused by other virus that cause injury to the liver for example hepatitis A and hepatitis C. Hepatitis A is caused by either not washing your hands before and it can also be caught by eating contaminated food from someone who didn’t wash their hands before preparing food. It is a serious disease that can be really dangerous and it takes very little too help stop the spread of it.
Hepatitis is a disease that attacks the liver and it is estimated that around 350 million people worldwide have been infected with the disease and by having so many people infected it causes 620,000 deaths a year worldwide. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there have been around approximately 43,000 people in the U.S with the HBV virus in 2007. In the U.S the people who gets this disease are people who ranged from 25-44 years of age, and it goes to down to the youngest if 15 years of age. We have so many people infected at that age because it can be transmitted through sexual intercourse and at that age they are usually ve3ry sexually active, or use illicit drugs and are probably exposed to contaminated blood. Since 1990 there have been a decline of infected people or babies due to vaccinations and also the heightened public awareness of the disease
When a person gets hepatitis B they are believed to have an “acute” infection. Most people can be cured with the help ...

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...can easily be diagnosis. Abnormalities in the blood can also help in diagnosing the disease. There is only one way to make sure it is hepatitis and these tests are known as markers or serology. Markers found in the blood can confirm hepatitis B and also detect if it’s acute hepatitis. These markers are substances produced by the hepatitis B virus and antibodies produced by the immune system to fight the virus. It has 3 antigens for which there are commonly used tests.
For acute hepatitis b there I no need for medication in mist occasions although patients may be diagnosed with liver failure. If a person is chronically diagnosed then they to be given several blood tests so that they can be given the right treatment. If the patients is diagnosed with hepatitis B e-antigen then they will be given a different kind of medication since that leads up the liver failure
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