A Short History Of Progress The Progress Of Our Society

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“Like all creatures, humans have made their way in the world so far by trial and error; unlike other creatures, we have a presence so colossal that error is a luxury we can no longer afford. The world has grown too small to forgive us any mistakes,” (Page.3). Wright 's book analyzes past civic establishments and distinguishes examples of conduct that prompted times of fast improvement and populace development took after by disastrous breakdown that left numerous civic establishments in ruin. Wright uncovers imperative lessons to be gained from those breakdown, showing the risks that advance from the over-misuse of the earth and an absence of premonition can posture if left unchecked. Ronald Wright’s book A Short History of Progress the progress of our society from three million years ago to modern day. Wright also gives examples of the falls of some civilizations and why they happened such as: the Sumerian, Roman, Mayan, the Easter Island civilizations, Egypt, and China. Wright is trying to convey the fact that progress is excellent but, too much progress can sometimes not be a “good thing”. An example would be how warfare advanced into weapons which was good progress but then we started progressing too much and came to invent the atomic bomb which could wipe out the human race. “A good bang can be useful; but a better bang can end the world.” (Page.7). The author poses three questions, and attempts to answer them in his book which are; “Where do we come from?” “What are we?” “Where are we going?” Wright brings up some valid points and questions even though they may seem vague. The one I found really trigging was the last “Where are we going?”. He has shown throughout the book and proves his point that history does tend to repe... ... middle of paper ... ...g capable to think back to comprehend the errors of past human advancements, and that we have no reason to not comprehend the errors. After all, we have sufficient technology and knowledge to discover answers for the progress traps that we confront while being in a good position. But, he warns us, “Now is out last chance to get the future right.”(pg.132) Wright’s novel A Short History of Progress published has really re focused my eyes so, that I can now see the picture. I found the novel to be really intriguing and I find that his reference to other facts/texts, really makes it more interesting seeing the ideas being shared. This novel would not be the best book to read and latch on to it if you don’t have background knowledge of the topics. It’s fascinating how Wright conveys all that material in just a small novel, I couldn’t find a dull moment while reading it.

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