A Sheepdog Case Study

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921 words

A sheepdog is not just someone that fights against terrorists or criminals—they are somebody who fights for what they believe in. As a youth pastor, Shane believed that there is hope for everyone; no matter how much of a hold the Devil has on them. This stout Italian has cooked many meals for teenagers he doesn’t even know, and watched them grow into God-loving, driven adults. Some of these were drug addicts, gothics, and other ill-fitting characters. When his marriage was on the verge of destruction, Shane seemed to harness the same skills that allowed him to change teenagers’ lives, but used it on his wife, Wendy. Because he never gave up, Shane Minné is a sheepdog.
Wendy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age. When she …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that a sheepdog is someone who fights for what they believe in. shane minné, an italian youth pastor, believes that there is hope for everyone, no matter how much the devil has on them.
  • Analyzes how shane minné, from a religious background, saw the same kind of situation going on inside of wendy that happened in the teenagers.
  • Analyzes how shane was sheep-like, but also wolflike. he pushed wendy to talk, listen, and understand, which helped her overcome bipolar disorder.
  • Analyzes how shane was determined to set his wife free from the enemy, gain her back, and reestablish his marriage.
  • Analyzes how shane's perseverance, sacrificial love, and ability to know when to act played a key role in overcoming the wolf of wendy’s brain.

This being said, Shane was sheep-like, but also wolf-like. While trying to win Wendy back, he made her uncomfortable. He pushed her to talk, to listen, and to understand. In other words, he was an emotional wolf. Even though these things could be considered emotional abuse, they worked and were applicable in their situation. To beat bipolar disorder, Shane had to find the Wendy he knew within the madness, and that required some digging, pushing, and shoving. Of course that might have been uncomfortable and unsettling for Wendy, but it was worthwhile in the end. It was because of this searching that Wendy came to terms with herself, moved back home, restored her family, and continued to be happily married to Shane Minné. Without Shane’s wolf-like actions, Wendy might still be taken over by bipolar disorder and breaking her family apart. Shane valued their relationship, and didn’t see any good reason to let it fall apart. He knew it was worth his while to fight for what he believes in, so he did. He never gave up, and he never …show more content…

Shane felt constantly defeated and broken. He endured more pain in this one experience than some of us will our entire lives. Wendy was attacked from the inside out, leading Shane to become the victim. He lost more than just his marriage’s security. His dignity and pride were both lost in order to gain back his wife. Her condition also led him to give up things like time and money, in the instance of the car situation. Sacrificing all this for one cause is what really sets Shane in the sheepdog category. He let go of his normal, comfortable life to gain back what he wanted and what he was committed to. He could have just sat back and let the situation take its hold, but Shane was determined to set his wife free from the enemy, gain her back, and reestablish his marriage. He didn’t take the easy way out and let it lead to destruction of everything he’s ever accomplished. Their two children’s futures depended on his decision to fight, making it worth so much more than his comfort or even just

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